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The Future Development of Stroage Battery


Battery is a chemical "power supply" widely used in the world. It has the advantages of stable voltage, safety and reliability, low price, wide application range, abundant raw materials and high recycling efficiency. It is the most productive and widely used battery in all kinds of batteries in the world.


he development of science and technology and the improvement of human life quality. Oil resources are facing crises and the earth's ecological environment is deteriorating day by day. It has formed a dual social background of rapid development of science and technology and industry in the field of new secondary batteries and related materials.Due to the urgent needs of the market, new secondary batteries emerge as the times require. Among them, high-energy nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, nickel-zinc batteries, maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, lead-cloth batteries, lithium-ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries and other new secondary batteries have been widely used in China, forming an industry and developing rapidly.


In recent years, famous American companies such as Johnson Automation, Sony, Sanyo and Hitachi have established their own batteries production bases in China. They have gradually expanded the market from big cities to small and medium-sized cities. Even NEC and Bosch, which mainly produce software and electrical appliances, have begun to extend their business to the field of battery production.With the influx of multinational companies, domestic battery manufacturers are facing more fierce competition.


At the same time, the world's energy structure is moving towards green direction. Lead-acid batteries for new energy will also become a new profit growth point in the market. For example, the demand of photovoltaic cells for wind energy, solar energy and other projects is increasing rapidly every year. The development of technology in related fields will be a considerable wealth in the future.


In addition, with the further expansion of China's car and motorcycle ownership, and the lifting of the ban on electric bicycle driving in major cities of the country, this will further stimulate the consumption of lead-acid battery products in this field.

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