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Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Lifespan

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We all know about lithium ion battery which is purely made of suitable amounts of lithium in space of ions and it is the battery with most power to keep the energy in it that was ever made. Today, we are not talking about most famous lithium ion or li-ion batteries but Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries and their lifespan. First we need to know what lithium iron phosphate battery is and what makes it different from li-ion batteries.


Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is not much different than the li ion battery and you can say it is the latest version of lithium ion batteries. A Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is made with the ions of iron and phosphate. The chemical formula to the battery formation is LiFePO4. The iron and phosphate in Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery are used in the form of cathode. It is also rechargeable and used in the portable devices. To make these Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries anodes of carbons are used.


Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery has got low discharge rate which makes it ideal battery to store energy and provide it to the devices. A low discharge rate makes it well-suitable battery for electronic and technical industries because now devices like laptops, cameras, mobiles, and music players can work more efficiently and longer. The best thing about Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is that it is that being the more advanced version of li-ion batteries, it is being used electric vehicles and electric military appliances etc.


Here a question occurs that if Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries are the latest versions of li-ion batteries, than how much longer lifespan those offer compare to their ancestor batteries. Given below is the answer to that question:


How Long Does Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Last?

As stated above that best thing Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries is their low-discharge rate. We have seen that li-ion batteries also had low discharge rate however the latest version discharges at even lower rate that makes it more ideal for the bigger appliances and electric vehicles etc. Well, the reason behind its longer lifespan is low-discharge rate. Basically, a chemical battery discharges a fluid from itself on per annum basis that is known as life of the battery. Li ion batteries discharged fluid at the low rate hence had a long lasting life however now Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries have even lower rate of discharge hence their life span is even longer.


If we try to give an exact comment on the How Long Does Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Last, we find a period of three years. It means, it lasts one year longer then li ion batteries. However, three years not the exact amount of time for Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery life. You can increase its lifespan by the way you use it. Such as, if you make a careful use for Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery it will last even longer than three years.


Now, you must be thinking about what is the careful use you should make to increase the lifespan of your Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries. Your question is answered in the lines given ahead:


How to Prolong Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Lifespan?

Here are some tips by using which you can easily prolong the lifespan of your Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries.


1.Preserve Batteries at Room Temperature:

First thing you need to take care is regarding preserve of Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries. Though they are less temperature sensitive still they contain chemicals so, temperature of the place somehow maters. Therefore, preserve them at moderate or room temperatures.


2.Purchase High Capacity Batteries:

A high capacity Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery always gives a longer lifespan. Therefore, if you want a battery with longer lifespan, you have to take care of it at the time of purchase. Purchase batteries with high capacities such as purchase 12V battery instead of 10V.


3.Don’t Allow Full Discharge and Never Stop Practical One:

Self-discharge is a must thing that your Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery will perform no matter what. You mustn’t take measures to decrease the self-discharge rate. However, you also should not allow it to get completely discharged as it can harm the overall battery life.


4.Never Let Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Discharge Completely:

When you are using Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery, you need to keep an eye at its discharge rate. When you want to increase its lifespan, you will have to keep an eye at its discharge amount. Never let it drain completely in fact put it overcharge when there is 20 to 30 percent battery remaining.


5.Perform Extended Storage of Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery in Cool Space:

When you want to go somewhere and leave batteries home without harming them, find a cool place to preserve them. You must be thinking that it is same as li ion battery, well it is the latest version of the li ion batteries and therefore, their taking care ways are also same.


Is Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Lifespan The Same As lithium ion battery?

No, the lifespan of Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is prolonged than the li-ion batteries. The main reason behind this thing is that li-ion batteries have a faster self-discharge rate. It means, they discharge a fluid that’s considered life of the battery quicker and hence become out of order faster. On the other hand, Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries have low self-discharge rate than their older versions and hence their lifespan is considered as longer.


Another reason behind the increased lifespan of Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is their low sensitivity towards temperature. Though, Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries are also temperature sensitives however their sensitivity is lesser than the latter one. This is the reason, they don’t get charged at small changes of temperature and get spoiled and hence provide longer lifespan.

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