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You Should Know More About 18650 Lithium Battery Protection Boards

Source:JYH Technology News Date:2019-09-18

Lithium technology offers the best chemistry in the battery industry. They are stronger and can serve you for a longer time.


And one of the most common categories is the 18650. They get their name from their size whereby they are a bit larger than the normal AA batteries. But they are more powerful.


Many gadgets running on batteries use 18650. Consider e-bikes and RCs for instance; they use battery packs with the 18650s.


Because of their size and weight, they can be used without taking up much space as you would need with others. This is why they make a great option.


But then, all lithium-ion batteries have one common disadvantage. They are prone to explosions and can cause serious damage.


For this particular reason, you need to put in place a mechanism that ensures you are fully protected. Using a 18650 battery protection board is therefore necessary.


Do all 18650 lithium batteries need a protection board?


How much do you need to stay safe from explosions caused by batteries? Well, this should answer your questions.


However, not all 1865o batteries will need protection boards. It depends on the batteries you are using and how you are using them. Here are some situations you may need to include the boards:


When using 18650 battery packs


Even though 18650 batteries are strong, a single battery may not give you the results you want. As such, you may need to arrange them in a way that increases their capacity and voltage.


18650 battery packs are created by arranging the batteries in parallel groups arranged in series. The pack is a combination of several volts.


Another great thing about 18650 batteries is that they are rechargeable. And that is where the protection pack comes in. If you are using the battery pack to run an RC for instance, it is vital to monitor how power is being consumed.


Ensure the batteries are not charged beyond the maximum voltage. And when in use, you don’t want the pack overly discharged.


A protection board is included in BMS. This board ensures such things never happen.


The environment


One of the reasons for 18650 batteries exploding is when one uses them in hot environments. Unfortunately, the batteries cannot withstand high temperatures.


On the other hand, extremely low temperatures are not good either. They can damage your cells before you can even use them.


The battery protection board becomes an essential component in such instances. It is the unit that will keep your batteries warm or cool enough to avoid damages.




How much do you use your battery pack? How do you charge them? What is the discharge rate?


These are the questions one must answer when determining the importance of battery protection board. In one way or another, your batteries’ voltages must be kept optimal. That is the work you leave for the protection board.


What is the function of the 18650 lithium battery protection board?


To answer this question, we need to understand what a 18650 lithium battery protection board is. The simplest explanation is, it is the “heart” of your battery pack.


It is a component that manages the way your batteries receive and release power. Since you cannot tell by yourself how your batteries are straining, the board keeps an eye out for you.




It functions is to protect the 18650 battery pack from the following conditions:


· Overcharging. This is one of the worst conditions the batteries can get into. As much as you may think they have acquired more power, it damages the cells. Each battery has a specific capacity and voltage than must not be exceeded. You cannot tell how much you have changed unless there is a system in place to tell you. This is the reason you need the protection board.


· Over-discharging. Many people do not know that discharging batteries beyond optimal kills the cells. Each battery is designed to come down only to a specific voltage. It could be said 3.0V. Anything below that and you may have to throw away the batteries or find an alternative for awakening them. But you can avoid all that by having a good protection system in place.


· Over-drain. There is nothing you can do to help your battery once they are over-drained. With over-discharge, you can find a way to restore, but when it comes to over-drain, things are a bit harder. Many experts advise that you just dispose of such batteries. But we don’t all have money to waste on batteries now and then, and the battery protection board ensures we don’t.


Short-circuiting can cause:


· Explosions. Many explosions have been reported caused by batteries. Sometimes, it is only your device that gets the heat, while the worst conditions may include bringing down homes.


· Fires. Homes have been burned to the ground because of unsafe methods of battery usage. Many of us, for instance, leave our batteries charging without keeping an eye on them. If the heat goes beyond normal, and the batteries are left near combustible elements, there may be fires.


· Damage. Batteries are prone to damages caused by fires, explosions, and other factors. It is only good to have a system in place that ensures such things are put under control.


The 18650 battery protection board carries all these functions. In simple terms, it is the best solution you need to keep you and your batteries safe.


How to use 18650 lithium battery protection boards properly


You need to take good care of your protections board if you want it to serve you well. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, as mentioned above. Therefore consider the following:


· Ensure you get the right protection board. There are many boards on the market, and not all are good. You need to consider keenly what you are working with. Go for quality instead of cheap.


· Ensure the proper environment. Do not expose your battery pack to too much heat. This may cause damages to your protection unit.


· Use the right unit for the right pack. 18650 battery packs are names according to series arrangements – 3S/2S/4S and so on. Consider this when using the protection board.


There is no denying batteries are changing the world in terms of renewable energy. But that change comes at a cost if one is not careful. Therefore, a 18650 battery protection board is essential for every pack.




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