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JYH has obtained CE Certification in Year 2004 and re-audited in Year 2008.

“CE” logo is a safety certification symbol and is viewed as an entry passport to the EU market. All products with “CE” logo are allowed to be sold in all EU countries without having to meet the requirements of each individual EU country, hence attaining the free movement of products within the EU.



JYH has obtained UL Certification in Year 2009.

UL Laboratory is the most authoritative institution in the world, and also a very biggish non-governmental organization in the field of security test and appraisal. UL is mainly concerned with production attestation and business security certification. The purpose of UL is to ensure products are safe for public use . 



JYH has obtained ISO9001:2000 Quality Management Certification in Year 2004

ISO9001 is the Quality Management and Assurance System Standard established by the International Organisation for Standards Technical Committee (TC176) in Year 1987. ISO9001 is the Quality System for Product Design and Development, Production, Assembly and Services Industries.




JYH Battery has obtained ROHS Certification in Year 2006

ROHS (Restrictions of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive) is a EU mandatory legal standards applicable to the materials and technical processes used in all electrical and electronic products so as to enhance human health safety and environmental protection.




JYH Battery has passed PPW Inspection in Year 2006

PPW( Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive:94/62/EC) is EU environmental standard for Packaging Materials and whose aim is to minimize the environmental impact brought-on by packaging materials.


JYH became a Member of RBRC in Year 2005

RBRC( Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation) is non-profit, public service organization whose aim is to promote the collection and recycling of rechargeable batteries. Its educational activities and collection programs demonstrate the determination of the rechargeable battery community to minimize natural resource wastage and to prevent environmental contamination by rechargeable batteries.