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R&D Testing

JYH possesses a strong R&D team whose key person have more than 25 years of R&D experiences. Our R&D efforts are concentrating on developing high temperature, high current discharge, high capacity, low self-discharge and rapid charging battery products.


Our Chemical Laboratory has advanced analytical equipment like the automatic titration machine and Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, and is capable of performing comprehensive testing of most major battery raw materials. Our Physical Laboratory has precision equipment like optical comparator and automatic tensile test-machine, to perform precision measurement on the battery physical parameters to ensure the product reliability.


Our Electrical Laboratory possesses world famous-brand electrical testing equipment like MACCOR and ARBIN, to perform precision electrical characteristics of our battery according international standards.


Process Control
Based on ISO 9001 Quality Management System requirements, a comprehensive quality system covering raw material testing, manufacturing in-process control, product testing and product tracking control have been implemented to ensure product and service satisfaction to our customers.


Product Testing
100% inspection on voltage, capacity, internal impedance and visual appearance.
Sampling inspection on physical parameters, IEC capacity, cycle-life, high discharge capacity and capacity retention.

Fixed frequency inspection are carried out on over-discharging and over-charging performance, low-temperature performance, high-temperature performance, long-term storage performance, Impact and crush, vibration and drop test performance.

Optical Comparator

Cycle Life Test

Test Room